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Professional Mariner – APRIL: “Economic, environmental concerns advance antifoulign innovation”

Seatrade Maritime Review – MAY: “ITech Boss Bullish”

Dry Cargo International – MAY: “Swedish biotech company continues to drive antifouling innovation”

The Motorship – JULY: “New compound leaves MR Tanker all but barnacle-free”

Article archive: 2018

The Naval Architect – JANUARY: “Two-year tanker trial confirms Selektope antifouling power”

Tanker Operator – MARCH: “Selektope hard-fouling hotspots performance passes test”

The Marine Professional – MARCH: “The future of antifouling”

Lloyd’s List – APRIL: “Climate change agenda spearheads sales of barnacle-repellent paint”

Seatrade Maritime News – APRIL: “What do pharmaceuticals have to do with a solution for hull fouling?”

Vessel Performance Optimisation (Digital Ship) – APRIL: “The molecule targetting shipping’s biofouling problem”