About I-Tech

I-Tech AB is a public held bio-technology company based in Mölndal, Sweden that owns all IP and regulatory rights to the antifouling agent Selektope® (generic name, medetomidine). I-Tech also controls the largest and most efficient source of medetomidine production.

Since 2006, I-Tech has successfully transformed the scientific invention of Selektope® into a commercially ready and available antifouling agent. I-Tech is not a marine coatings manufacturer, instead we supply Selektope® to marine coatings manufacturers for inclusion in antifouling products.

I-Tech’s quest to find, develop and commercialize a hard fouling prevention technology alternative commenced in the wake the IMO decision to ban the application of tributyltin (TBT)-based paints on vessels as of 1 January 2003. The I-Tech ‘Eureka’ moment yielded an organic, non-metal compound named Selektope®. This innovation milestone for the industry was subsequently followed by 15 years of trials, and exhaustive regulatory hurdles.

The business concept is for Selektope® to take a significant role in vessel performance optimization by offering the technology to the global paint industry as the principal active agent in marine antifouling paints. I-Tech’s vision is to establish Selektope® as the leading alternative biocide to prohibit marine growth in an effective and sustainable way.