Press releases (ENG)

I-Tech expands static panel testing capacity to support increasing demand for Selektope

In early November 2017, I-Tech expanded panel testing capacity for the static testing of Selektope-containing paints on the Swedish west coast.

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I-Tech AB recognized with European Marine Biocides Technology Innovation Award for Selektope® antifouling ingredient

I-Tech AB has been recognized as the technology innovation leader in the European marine biocides market, resulting in the company receiving the 2017 Technology Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan.

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New Import Agreement Strengthens Selektope® Supply to Japan

The inventor of the unique antifouling ingredient Selektope®, I-Tech AB, has responded to strong market demand in Japan by enhancing its local supply chain arrangements, after signing an agreement with well-known chemicals trading company NAGASE & CO., LTD.

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Selektope®-powered antifouling range increases with new product launch

A brand-new antifouling product containing the unique bio-repellent ingredient Selektope® has been launched onto the global market.

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