Management team

Members of the I-Tech management team have extensive experience in clean technology and chemical company leadership or strong research and development backgrounds. Each team member holds academic qualifications at PhD or Masters level in the subjects of biology, chemistry, engineering or business.

Philip Chaabane, CEO

Philip Chaabane has a unique combination of experience in senior positions from global technology companies, both large and small. Previous to I-Tech, Philip came from the fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB, where he was responsible for business and customer development. Philip has also had various operational roles within Volvo Aero Corporation (today GKN Aerospace).
Education: Master of Science in International Materials Engineering, Luleå University of Technology and EEIGM in France.

Shareholding in I-Tech: 153 899*

Magnus Henell, CFO

Magnus Henell has extensive experience in finance and corporate management from various SMEs, also an extensive experience in M ​​& A work within the Volvo Group. When Magnus was CEO of PowerCell Sweden AB, he refinanced the company successfully and listed it on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm.
Education: Master in Science of Business Administration from Karlstad University and School of business, economics and law at University of Gothenburg.

Shareholding in I-Tech: 24 291*

Oliver Weigenand, COO

Oliver Weigenand has an impressive track record from his eight years at Lanx-ess AG and Lanxess Corp. Oliver was CEO of Verichem in the United States, one of Lanxess’s wholly-owned companies, and was also vice president of North and Central America. Formerly Oliver held the position as Global Product Manager (which included marine biocides).
Education: PhD degree from Göttingen University, Germany and a degree in engineering from HNE University, Germany.

Cecilia Ohlauson, Head of Regulatory Affairs

Cecilia Ohlauson has an academic background in ecotoxicology regarding biocides and she has a PhD in environmental science. Cecilia Ohlauson has worked for I-Tech with regulatory responsibility since 2008 and has similar experience from the pharmaceutical industry.
Education: PhD degree from Gothenburg University and Master’s degree in biology from Kalmar University and microbiology studies at Stockholm University.

Shareholding in I-Tech: 21 020*

Dan Isaksson, R&D Chemist

Dan has a PhD in Organic Chemistry and joined I-Tech after a two-year post doctorate in the Marine Paint project at Chalmers University of Technology/University of Gothenburg
Education: Master in Chemistry (Mid Sweden University). PhD in Organic Chemistry (Royal Institute of Technology). Post Doc (Chalmers University of Technology) 2007-2009.

Shareholding in I-Tech: 9 196*

Catherine Austin, Director Marketing & Communications

Catherine Austin has been working in the international shipping sector for eight years. Prior to I-Tech, Catherine was the executive director of Fathom Maritime Intelligence, a company focused on clean technology information provision for the marine market. She is a highly reputed technical writer, journalist and PR and marketing professional.
Education: Master of Research in Environmental Management and degree in biology from Swansea University, UK.

Shareholding in I-Tech: 1 500*

*Including holding in closely related companies