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ABG Sundal Collier Fireside chat

March 11, 2024

Our CFO, Magnus Henell in an interview at ABG Sundal Collier.

(18 minutes)


Redeye Cleantech Event

November 28, 2023

Our CFO Magnus Henell presents I-Tech´s antifouling technology, Selektope at Redeye Cleantech Event

(20 minutes)

Redeye Investor Forum Gothenburg

Our CEO Philip Chaabane presents at Redeye Investor Forum Gothenburg.

(22 minutes)


Q3 2023, webcast

October 20, 2023.

Our CEO, Philip Chaabane presents the Q3 results together with background on our company and antifouling technology, Selektope.

Highlights from Q3 include:

- Net sales for the third quarter amounted to 32,175 (21,277) kSEK, which corresponds to an increase in sales of 51 (54) %.

- Operating profit amounted to 8,132 (4,802) kSEK

(40 minutes)

Q2 2023, webcast

August 25, 2023

Strong sales growth over the second quarter of 2023 boosts confidence.

"Our customers continue to show strong confidence in our product, which is clearly reflected in the sales figures for the quarter. The growth and continued strong customer activity proves the need for the product to achieve climate-related goals."
Philip Chaabane, CEO, I-Tech

Watch Philip present Q2 in this video.

(44 minutes, English)


Stora aktiedagen 2022

November 8, 2022.

In Q3 2022, I-Tech performed its best quarter to-date.

Following the quarter, our CFO, Magnus Henell presented the company at Stora Aktiedagen 2022 in Gothenburg.

(30 minutes, Swedish language)

Finwire webcast

October 21, 2022

Quarter 3, 2022 sets a new high for revenue and earnings for a single quarter to-date.

Philip Chaabane, I-Tech CEO says
"As growth now picks up for the second quarter in a row, confidence is increasing that pre-launch tests have shown good results and are now driving demand in the pursuit of a more efficient shipping industry with lower carbon footprint."

Watch more in this presentation where Philip is talking about the third financial quarter of 2022, the shipping industry´s path towards more efficient shipping and our ingredient technology Selektope.

(37 minutes, English)


"Nånting om aktier" - Podcast

July 18, 2022.

Philip Chaabane, I-Tech CEO, is participating as this week´s guest speaker in the podcast "Nånting om aktier", where he is answering questions about the product; Selektope. the company and the market.

3.55 - Presentation
6.00 - Selektope
30.00 - Market
37.05 - Profitability

(Swedish language, 45 minutes)

Redeye Investor Forum

February 24, 2022

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane, presenting I-Tech Q4 results 2021 and future investments at Redeye Investor Forum.

(20 minutes, English)


Stora Aktiedagen

November 30, 2021.

Technology and innovation are vital parts in reaching global CO2 emission reduction targets.

During this presentation, I-Tech´s CEO Philip Chaabane, is talking about how Selektope, the antifouling ingredient technology developed by I-Tech, can play a part in reducing shipping´s carbon emissions.

(Swedish lanuage, 28 minutes)

Redeye Investor Forum

September 16, 2021.

I-Tech CFO, Magnus Henell, presenting at Redeye Investor Forum.

(20 minutes, Swedish language)


ABGSC Investor day (virtual)

September 14, 2021.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane, presenting I-Tech and the benefits of  antifouling technology, Selektope.

I-Tech was one of the speakers at the virtual investor day arranged by ABGSC. The presentation includes market predictions, insights in I-Tech´s product; Selektope, its benefits and sustainability advantages.

(English, 27 minutes)

Redeye Growth Day 2021

June 2, 2021.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane, presenting at Redeye Growth Day (online) about future opportunities, results and market trends.

(18 minutes)


Q1 Report 2021 Webcast

May 21, 2021.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane, presenting the company Q1 2021  report at live webcast.

This presentation includes the results of Q1 2021, future predictions and opportunities as well as insights into the great benefits that comes with the active antifouling agent, Selektope, developed and sold by I-Tech.

(Swedish language, 30 minutes)

Redeye Investor Forum Online

February 25, 2020.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane, presents the year-end report of 2020.

(Swedish language, 20 minutes)


Year-End Report 2020 Webcast

February 24, 2021.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane presents the Year End Report 2020 highlights, and key market trends and insights.

(Swedish language, 28 minutes)

Redeye Growth Day

June 10, 2020.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane talks about our technology Selektope®, the challenges that it solves and its market potential.

(Swedish language, 18 minutes)


Redeye Online Investors event

May 13, 2020.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane presents at Redeye's online event for investors.

(Swedish language, 26 minutes)

Speech before the 2020 Annual General Meeting

May 7, 2020.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane delivers the briefing for the 2020 Annual General Meeting.

(Swedish language, 12 minutes)


I-Tech CEO interview with Redeye

February 19, 2020.

Interview held with I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane with Redeye on the topic Year-End report 2019. 

(Swedish language, 8 minutes)

I-Tech CEO interview at Redeye Technology Day

November 20, 2019.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane discusses the business, the technology and future outlook with Redeye.

(Swedish language, 8 minutes)


I-Tech CEO interview with Erik Penser Bank.

November 28, 2018.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane talks about I-Tech as a company, its history, activities to strengthen Selektope production and the IPO.

(Swedish language with English subtitles, 4 minutes)


Stora Aktiedagen event in Gothenburg

November 12, 2018.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane presents the business, the technology and case studies of Selektope technology in action.

(Swedish language, 28 minutes)


Aktiekvällen event in Gothenburg

3 september 2018.

I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane introduces I-Tech, our technology and the market potential.

(Swedish language, 31 minutes)

Stora Aktiedagen event in Gothenburg

May 8, 2018.

I-Tech's CEO, Philip Chaabane, presents during the share day in Gothenburg

(Swedish language, 30 minutes)

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