The development of Selektope® has been supported by several funding streams

Support from organisations that promote biotechnology innovation and sustainable development have helped to convert our science-oriented knowledge into market-ready products.

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EU Projects

I-Tech has received funding through several EU-projects. One example is the 7th Framework Programme Seafront (2014-2017) where I-Tech supplied Selektope®, information and knowledge regarding chemistry, formulation and life cycle assessment

I-Tech has also been supported by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme, Eco-innovation, developed to support innovation and improve competitiveness among SMEs. I-Tech received a 5.4 MSEK grant between 2012-2014 for a project aiming to prepare for an international market launch of Selektope® as a new antifouling biocide.


The SeaSnake project aims to develop and test fully dynamic medium voltage cables to provide reliable transmission assets for ocean energy devices.

I-Tech will function as a material and knowledge provider with respect to fouling control of the cables in the project.

The project is financed under the umbrella of OceanERA Net, co-financed by the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten), SEIA (Ireland), PDL (France) and FCT (Portugal). Seasnake | Ocean Energy Sweden


Swedish Energy Agency (SWE)

I-Tech has been supported by The Swedish Energy Agency in two development and commercialisation projects of between 2013 and 2019 through conditional loans of 13.5 MSEK.

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