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Our nomination committee is responsible for corporate governance, and evaluating and selecting board members.

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Our nomination committee is appointed by our three largest shareholders

Each of the company’s voting three largest shareholders as of September 30, 2022, whereby related parties such as this term is defined in the Swedish Companies Act, Chapter 21, Section 1 is included, has the right to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee appoints a chairman from among its members

The term of office for the appointed nomination committee shall be until the appointment of a new nomination committee. The Nomination Committee’s task shall be to submit to the Annual General Meeting proposals regarding the number of Board members to be elected by the AGM, Board fees, Chairman and other members of the Board, Chairman of the Annual General Meeting, and election of auditors and auditor fees.

In the event that any of the three members of the Nomination Committee appointed by the three largest shareholders in voting resigns from office, the shareholder who appointed the resigned member shall be entitled to appoint a new member. In case any of the voting three largest shareholders sell all, but not only part of, their shares in the company before the nomination committee fulfills its duties, instead of such shareholders, the voting forth largest shareholder shall appoint a new member, etc.

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