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The members of our team have extensive experience from clean-technology, maritime and chemical companies and strong research and development backgrounds.

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Magnus Henell
Acting CEO, CFO & Director Operations

Joined I-Tech 2017

Magnus Henell has extensive experience in finance and corporate management from various SMEs, also an extensive experience in M & A work within the Volvo Group. When Magnus was CEO of PowerCell Sweden AB, he refinanced the company successfully and listed it on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm.

Education: Master in Science of Business Administration from Karlstad University and School of business, economics and law at University of Gothenburg.

Shareholding in I-Tech: 33 000

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Cecilia Ohlauson
Director Regulatory Affairs & Sustainability

Joined I-Tech 2008

Cecilia Ohlauson has an academic background in ecotoxicology regarding biocides and she has a PhD in environmental science. Cecilia Ohlauson has worked for I-Tech with regulatory responsibility since 2008 and has similar experience from the pharmaceutical industry.

Education: PhD degree from University of Gothenburg and Master’s degree in biology from Kalmar University and microbiology studies at Stockholm University.

Shareholding in I-Tech: 26 086

Dan Isaksson
Senior Chemist & Laboratory Operations Manager

Joined I-Tech 2009

Dan has a PhD in Organic Chemistry and joined I-Tech after a two-year post doctorate in the Marine Paint project at Chalmers University of Technology/University of Gothenburg.

Education: Master in Chemistry (Mid Sweden University). PhD in Organic Chemistry (Royal Institute of Technology). Post Doc (Chalmers University of Technology) 2007-2009.

Shareholding in I-Tech: 10 196

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Markus 2

Markus Hoffmann
Director R&D

Joined I-Tech 2019

Markus joined I-Tech from the role of Expert Antifouling Coatings Research and Development at Hempel AS. Prior to that, Markus worked as Head of R&D for Hempel’s Antifouling Global Excellence Center in Barcelona. Earlier in his career, Markus was Team Manager Central R&D at BASF.

Education: PhD in organic chemistry from JMU of Würzburg, Germany and a post-doc position at Kyoto University, Japan.

Per Svensson
Director Sales & Marketing

Joined I-Tech 2020

Per Svensson has more than 30 years of experience in the marine business working in sales and marketing functions for high-tech marine tank level gauging and automation products for vessels and other marine applications. First with Saab Marine Electronics AB and for the past 18 years with Emerson. His most recent roles were Director Global Sales & Aftermarket for Marine Solutions within Emerson Automation Solutions.

Education: Engineering background and Diplomas in Business Administration from IHM Business School and Executive Leadership at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Shareholding in I-Tech, including related parties: 7 941

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Jennifer 1

Jennifer Ardin
Marketing, Brand & Relations Manager

Joined I-Tech 2021

Jennifer has broad experience within the field of marketing. Before joining I-Tech, she was working within the Construction Chemistry Industry at BASF with a wide range of marketing activities and marketing strategy.

Jennifer has previously been involved in several rebranding processes and has deep knowledge in marketing optimising.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications from University of Gothenburg. University studies in project management and diplomas from studying print design. College background in Industrial Technology and Nature Science.

Catherine Austin
Communications & Public Relations Manager

Joined I-Tech 2017

Catherine Austin has been working in the international shipping sector for over ten years. Prior to join I-Tech, Catherine was the executive director and owner of Fathom Maritime Intelligence, a company focused on clean technology information provision for the marine market. She is a highly reputed technical writer, journalist and PR and marketing professional.

Education: Master of Research (MRes) degree in Environmental Management and BSc Zoology (Hons) degree from Swansea University, UK.

Shareholding in I-Tech: 1 500

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Monica 3

Monica Kettelhoit
Office & Supply Chain Manager

Joined I-Tech 2018

Over the years Monica has acquired a great deal of experience working at medium and large companies in different industries. Before I-Tech, she worked as CEO Assistant / Office Manager at ABB Inocean AB, a subsidiary of ABB. She has also been responsible for the passenger and freight department at EVA Air’s Nordic representation within the Green Carrier Group. Furthermore, Monica has successfully run her own travel agency in Gothenburg for 10 years.

Education: Executive Assistant Associate Degree from the American Junior College and two years of university studies in marketing at Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial, Quito, Ecuador.

Shareholding in I-Tech: 3 100

Ba-Vu Nguyen
Synthesis & Production Manager

Joined I-Tech 2018

Ba-Vu Nguyen has extensive experience in synthesis, process development as well as production of small molecules of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients from his 16 years at Cambrex, where he was Senior Lead Chemist and Project Manager. At Cambrex, he was responsible the for the synthesis and process development of Medetomidine (Selektope).

Education: Master in Organic Chemistry (Mid Sweden University). PhD in Organic Chemistry (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm). Post Doc (Japan National Food Research Institute) 2000-2002.

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Ida 1

Ida Friberg,

Ida Friberg
Senior Formulation Engineer & Project Manager

Joined I-Tech 2021

Ida Friberg joined I-tech after finishing her PhD in catalysis and chemical engineering. Prior to that she did one year of internship working with coating systems at Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings (Netherlands). She has broad experience in chemical engineering and research.

Education: Master in Chemical Engineering (Chalmers University of Technology). PhD in Chemical Engineering (Chalmers University of Technology).

Frida Boström
Formulation Engineer

Joined I-Tech 2023

Frida Boström holds a Master degree in Molecular Biotechnology from the Uppsala University. She started at I-Tech immediately after finishing her education. During her studies, Frida held several positions within the university's operations, i.a. been vice-chairman as well as finance officer of the student board, commissioner of council for the student union and safety officer.

Education: Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology from the Uppsala University, Sweden.

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Mary Alex Selvin
Formulation Engineer

Joined I-Tech 2023

Mary Alex Selvin started at I-Tech after pursuing her Master degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Gothenburg. Her inter-disciplinary background in sciences and passion for research has motivated her to reach for more in the R&D department of I-Tech.

Education: Master degree in Environmental Sciences specialised in Ecotoxicology from the University of Gothenburg. She also holds an additional Master degree in Bio-technology and a bachelors degree in Chemistry from India.

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