Chugoku Marine Paints expands their portfolio of Selektope®-containing antifouling coatings in Japan


Selektope®, the antifouling technology developed by Swedish biotechnology company I-Tech AB, will be a major component in leading hull coating manufacturer Chugoku Marine Paints’ (CMP) new domestic marine coating range as well as in a new product for the Japanese leisure boat market.  

I-Tech’s long-term partner, CMP, has integrated Selektope® into two new antifouling paint products designed for coastal vessels and in one new antifouling paint product developed specifically for the leisure boat market in order to meet the growing hard fouling prevention needs for vessels sailing and docking in biofouling hotspots off the coast of Japan.  

Commenting on the range expansion, Philip Chaabane, CEO of I-Tech AB, said:

“The expansion shows clear commitment from CMP as well as an extraordinary level of technical advancement in bringing out the best of our technology. CMP has a leading position in their home market, Japan, and with this introduction of two new products they have no less than six Selekotope® based products for the domestic coastal vessel market. This is a sign that our recent regulatory investments in Japan has been important to support product expansion."

CMP updates their Sea Premier series as well as include Selektope® in a product for leisure boats

Chugoku announced a review of their complete offering within the Sea Premier range earlier this year, including their new products Sea Premier 3000 PLUS 1 and 2000 PLUS. These include new chemistry and add to existing offerings containing Selektope®, such as the Sea Premier 200Plus, 1000Plus, 1000Plus H and 3000 Plus 2.  

In 2019, CMP received the "Nikkei Business Excellence award" for its all-new Sea Premier 3000 Plus, the new products represent a continuation of that success. CMP has also released the Selektope®-containing 033 Seajet Premium coating, formulated for leisure vessels which will be a key offering to their customers starting this season. 

An antifouling for coastal vessels differs from the oceangoing/intercontinental trading vessels in the sense that they have shorter docking intervals, are exposed to higher fouling pressures and are smaller in general. The introduction of new products will start to generate sales step by step as they get recognised and will gradually contribute to I-Tech sales figures over the years to come.

CMP and I-Tech has shared a commercial relation since 2015 when the first Selektope®-containing anti fouling coating was launched. Ongoing deliveries of Selektope® to CMP is made based on the SEK 57m order that CMP placed in August 2019. 

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Seajet 033 Premium
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Sea Premier series
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Philip Chaabane, CEO
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About I-Tech AB

 I-Tech is a biotechnology company that has developed the product Selektope®, an active agent that prevents barnacle attachment on submerged surfaces such as ships and boat hulls, but also other marine installations. By increasing the resistance to barnacle growth in marine paint systems (e.g. antifouling coatings), fuel and maintenance costs are reduced. I-Tech has obtained the necessary regulatory approvals for Selektope® and has several of the world's largest manufacturers of marine antifouling coatings as customers. The company's share is listed for trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm with Erik Penser Bank as Certified Adviser, phone: +46 (0)8 463 83 00, email: For more information visit our website

About Selektope®

Selektope® introduces, for the first time, a pharmacological mode of action to combat barnacle settlement. By temporarily stimulating the octopamine receptor, the barnacle larvae’s swimming behavior is activated and the organisms are deterred from the hull. These ground-breaking discoveries enable unrivalled power at very low concentrations, yet within the limits of rigorous risk assessments. Selektope® is an organic, non-metal compound with efficacy proven at 0.1% w/w. For more information visit our website