Major marine coating company launches low biocidal premium antifouling product using Selektope®

A global marine coating company has launched a new Selekope containing antifouling product within its premium range of coatings. The rollout is underway and aims to make the product available in all relevant regions for the commercial shipping industry.

The highlights of the new product is the very low biocidal coating levels, extended idling time and strong contributions to a more sustainable marine transport sector with lower fuel consumption and hence emissions to air. Given the nature of the selected biocidal pack, other attractive attributes are put forward such as very strong aesthetic properties. 

“We are honored that Selektope has been selected to to be part of this new antifouling coating product. The product features include very low biocidal contents and high fuel saving properties among other things, are indeed taping on a growing trend in the industry. These attributes and the fact that it is specified to perform throughout the entire operational cycle of globally trading commercial vessels is truly exciting. We look forward to the market appreciation over the months and years to come”, says Philip Chaabane, CEO of I-Tech AB. 

I-Tech’s proprietary antifouling substance Selektope has proven to be very successful as a key ingredient to deliver the performance expected in the premium range of marine antifouling coatings. Through its unique mode of action, it repels barnacles from underwater surfaces with high precision at very low concentrations in the coating system.