The SEAFRONT Project (EU)

I-Tech was part of the 4-year 7th Framework Programme Seafront (2014-2017). I-Tech supplied various parts of the project with active substance (Selektope). We also shared information and knowledge with respect to chemistry, formulation and life cycle assessment of Selektope. Since I-Tech has a good understanding and knowledge about EU regulatory processes and BPR in particular, we further contributed with environmental risk assessment of other potential new actives used within the project. 


Eco-Innovation (EU)

Eco-innovation is part of the EU’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme, developed to support innovation and improve competitiveness among SMEs. I-Tech received a 5.4 MSEK grant from Eco-innovation between 2012-2014 for a project aiming to prepare for an international market launch of Selektope as a new antifouling biocide. 


Swedish Energy Agency (SWE)

I-Tech has an ongoing 5.4 MSEK project with The Swedish Energy Agency regarding industrial validation of Selektope for global shipping applications. The four year project will be finalised in 2019 and aims to enhance Selektopes competitiveness in the high volume segments of antifouling products. The development and commercialisation of Selektope has also been supported by The Swedish Energy Agency between 2013 and 2015 through conditional loans of 8 MSEK.